Infographic Resume

Retro Desktop with Resume

Client: BCIT Student Project
Objective: Use Adobe Illustrator to create an Infographic

I love infographics. They are a fun way to make complicated information attractive and memorable. 

Because infographic resumes tend to be modern, I thought it would be counter-intuitive and more challenging to create a vintage inspired infographic resume.  I used just two fonts, both with a strong sense of nostalgia: Fenway Park and Gin.  Although I started off with stock graphic images; they required substantial adjustments in Adobe Illustrator to create a sense of visual cohesion. Last, but not least, I used Adobe Photoshop to compose a background of a desktop inspired by the past (above).  

It was challenging to boil down my experience, educations and interests into just one page.  However, I felt that shorter was better and loved the final result.