Life on a Plate

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Client: BCIT student project
Objective: Create a website for a fictional company

I love to cook.  So when I had the chance to create a website for a fictional company, I knew that it would include food.  And while my company, Life on a Plate, is all made up – the About Me section is all true.

How it works

Members of Life on a Plate receive a weekly email linking to a dinner menu with recipes. Menu choices include family recipes for cooking with kids, vegetarian meals and our favourites.   You can choose 3-day, 4-day or 5-day dinner plans for 2 or more people.

A grocery list with all the necessary ingredients is included and you can add any additional items that you need for breakfasts, lunches and snacks.  Go shopping yourself or subscribe to our weekly delivery service and have all the ingredients delivered to your front door for a small fee.

Membership is free and you can unsubscribe at any time.  

Check out our great meals...

Enjoy easy, healthy family meals.

We’ve all been there. Rushing through the door after a full day of work - the panic sets in: What’s for dinner?  You meant to get groceries on the way home, but instead you were stuck in traffic.  Digging through the fridge only reveals a mouldy head of lettuce and last week’s rotisserie chicken.   Looks like another night of frozen pizza or order in Chinese food.  

Surely there is a better way!

  We all know the importance of eating fresh, healthy food.  But with our lives getting busier and busier it feels impossible to keep up with planning a full week of dinners, shopping and cooking.     Life on a Plate offers a simple, effective way to start eating healthier and save money. How?  

We provide a weekly menu plan customized to you with a fully itemized grocery list.  You can go shopping yourself or have your groceries delivered straight to your door. We also offer tips and tricks to get your whole family cooking and enjoying healthier, fresher meals.     Membership is free. Subscribe now to start receiving your weekly menus, grocery lists and inspiration for a healthier, happier home. 
Janet Antonio, Founder


Fast, easy recipes that kids will love and can cook with you.


For anyone looking to include more veggies in their diet.

Our Favourites

A wide variety of recipes with strong, bold flavours.  Guaranteed to become your favourites too.

About me

My inspiration for Life on a Plate started when my five-year old daughter exclaimed, “Look Mommy made fancy carrots today!”  What was so fancy?  I had microwaved the baby carrots instead of just serving them raw.  That day I realized that if I wanted my kids to eat healthy, I needed to start planning better meals.

More than 10 years later we have a long list of healthy family favourites including: ratatouille, tomato gratin, grilled Caesar salad, zucchini fritters, chicken pot pie and many others.

For years, I bought every cookbook and cooking magazine that promised fast and easier dinners.  What I’ve learned is that weekly meal planning is the secret ingredient I’d been looking for all along. 

I look forward to sharing recipes and inspiration for making dinner the best time of the day for you and your loved ones.