Carmen's Rock'n'Roll Kitchen

Laptop on desk

Objective: Create a video 3-10 minutes long
Client: BCIT Student project

What can two students accomplish with an SLR camera, a microphone and one day to film?  As a team, our goal was to create a fast-paced, fun cooking video, built on a fictional blog – “Carmen’s Rock and Roll Kitchen“.

This was my third student video working in partnership with Carmen.  Although on the surface we were an unlikely team, together we work well together. We produced some great projects while having lots laughs during the learning process.

Logo for Camen's Kitchen
Title page for Fancy Beef Tacos

Our success as a team came from our ability to collaborate on ideas and storylines, while at the same time working independently on specific tasks.  Carmen led in creating the audio components of the video; while I focussed on developing the logo and title graphics to build a recognizable visual brand inspired by Carmen’s personality.

I only wish we had a blooper reel!